beholdin' is a game, but its also a ritual - you can only play today's map, the same map everyone else is vying for top score on.

For Every day, a new map.  For Every Day of the week, a new biome - populated with its own set of obstacles to hit you where it hurts: your score. 

Earn your score by destroying enemies:  The more Spawns you break, the higher your multiplier.  Don't overdo it though - when you bite off more than you can chew, every hit drops your multiplier.


Use WASD to move around.  aim and shoot with the mouse.  tap `m` to toggle the map.  tap `r` in the map screen to quit to title. the `space` key will shuffle through a set of palettes - handy if you're having trouble seeing whats happening (or just want to mix it up a bit).


Development of beholdin' happened on my daily train commute to and from work.  Much of the game is built around a unique set of tools (some built by me) that allow me to write music, create visuals & tweak design on the train.  I'm putting beholdin' into `maintenance mode` for the coming future - expect bug fixes, but not any features any time soon.


Download 36 MB
Download 36 MB

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