Badger is at it again! What a card, that Badger. perhaps one day we could sit down and discuss various Badger-related stories - wouldn't that be a hoot!

Arrow Keys and Space Bar.

Code, Design & Art by Kyle Dwyer

Music and SFX by Robby Duguay

Mocap and Voicework by Badger Himself

v 1.1: user 'Piku' pointed out a glaring audio bug, its fixed now (thanks!)

v 1.0: First Upload

Made withUnity
TagsExploration, GBJam, Space


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Cute game, that fart sound when walking sucks.


Fix that farting music, it's killing my ears. Please.


Hey! Took me a minute to figure out what you were referring too - I had to test on mute for the last 2 days so I didn't notice that one of my changes triggered a bunch of sounds on repeat! My bad! Hope your ears are OK!

Also, thanks for checking out the game and taking the time to comment!


It's much better now!