Another Jam prototype from Kyle and Landen!

Work together to collect as much scrap as you can, or try to outdo the other Pit Crew members by collecting more scrap than them!  

Transform into a light-as-air ball to reach incredible heights, bouncing off anything you touch!  Or Transform into a heavy, sticky slime entity to stick to anything and weigh it down (even other Com-pit-itors!)

The Gamepad controls are ideal:

Move with left stick
Jump/Confirm with button 1 (A on an xbox controller)
SlimeMode/Back with Right Bumper (R1)
BallMode with Left Bumper (L1)

I really recommend using gamepads, but here are the key controls if you must:

Player 1:
Move with A & D
Jump/Confirm with W
SlimeMode/Back with E
BallMode with Q

Player 2:
Move with Left & Right
Jump/Confirm with Up
SlimeMode/Back with M
BallMode with N

Player 3:
Move with J & L
Jump/Confirm with I
SlimeMode/Back with O
BallMode with U

Player 4:
Move with F & H
Jump/Confirm with T
SlimeMode/Back with Y
BallMode with R

NOTE:  Nobody reads these, but TOJam 2021 and Godot Wild 33 overlapped this year, so we're gonna go for broke and double submit this sucker - expect updates!


Download 32 MB
Download 45 MB
Download 32 MB


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TOJam organizer Arthur streamed your game (3 players)!

could only try it out solo (lol) but thought the interplay between the ball and slime mode was really interesting once I got the hang of it! 

i could see this holding up really well inside of a side-scrolling racing mode of sorts