Entry for 7DRL 2019

Can be played entirely with mouse.

  • Arrow Keys to quick move. 
  • Numeric keys to swap active item. 
  • z for zoom. 
  • e to look at things.

Venture into the Crypt of the Unspeakable to find it's fabled treasure.  The seed of the next floor is driven by the creatures you slay on the current floor - 2 runs can indeed be alike, if you so choose.  You'll have to uncover the secret of the Crypt to find its true treasure...

NOTE:  Used the Humble Fantasy Game Dev Bundle art for the painterly icons + UI.  Pixel art was done myself.  Coded in Unity, LeanTween was the only 3rd party library.


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Cool game! The pixel art was really nice and I wish I had joined this jam so I could rate it.

thanks for the kind words!

When I try to run this in the browser, I get the following error:

AccessDeniedAccess denied. Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to itchio/html/1314377/index.html.

thanks for reaching out!  I haven't personally hit this, and neither have a handful of friends who played it and tested it. Can I ask what browser your using?

This was Chrome on Windows 10, but it seems to work now, so it was probably just a hiccup!

curious!  Thanks for reaching out and following up.